Mixing and Mastering with IK Multimedia T-RackS, The Official Gu

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Product Overview

T-RackS is a popular stand-alone audio mastering application that includes a suite of powerful analog-modeled and digital dynamics and EQ processor modules that also work perfectly as plug-ins during mixing. While T-RackS is an extremely powerful tool for improving the quality of your recordings, all of that power won't do you much good if it's misused. With Mixing and Mastering with IK Multimedia T-RackS: The Official Guide, you can learn how to harness the potential of T-RackS from mixing and mastering guru Bobby Owsinski, bestselling author of The Mixing Engineer's Handbook (HL5856) and The Mastering Engineer's Handbook: The Audio Mastering Handbook (HL7117). Through his expert guidance, you'll learn the tips and tricks of using T-RackS processor modules to help bring your mixes to life and then master them so they're competitive with any major label release. At the end of each chapter, there are a number of questions that will help you to better understand some of the principles of mixing and mastering. Contents:
  • Introduction.
  • 1. Mix Preparation.
  • 2. Monitoring.
  • 3. Using T-RackS Dynamics during Mixing.
  • 4. Using the T-RackS EQ and Metering during Mixing.
  • 5. Mix Buss Compression.
  • 6. Preparation for Mastering.
  • 7. Introduction to Mastering.
  • 8. Monitoring during Mastering.
  • 9. Metering.
  • 10. Mastering.
  • 11. Mastering with T-RackS 3.
  • 12. Exporting Your Project.
  • Glossary.
  • Appendix.
  • Index. ©2010, 192 pages.
  • ISBN