Mixing a Musical - Broadway Theatrical Sound Techniques

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In this guide to live sound mixing for theatre, Shannon Slaton shares his expert knowledge and proven, effective techniques acquired from years of experience working on Broadway shows. Written in a clear and easy to read style, and illustrated with real world examples of personal experience and professional interviews, Slaton shows you how how to mix live theatre shows from the basics of equipment, set ups, and using sound levels to creating atmosphere, emotion and tension to ensure a first rate performance every time. ""©2011 Table of Contents: Part I - The Career Path What does it mean to be a Theatrical Mixer? Musicals versus Plays Different Positions in Theatrical Sound Different Levels of Theatrical Sound Small-scale, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway Part II - The Prep Design Team""€™s Job Mixer""€™s job The Shop Build Schedule Build Techniques Paperwork Video Testing Packing Part III - The Take-In Design Team""€™s job Mixer""€™s job Unions Local One Equity Pink Contracts The Schedule Take-in Techniques Part IV - Tech Design Team""€™s job Mixer""€™s job The Schedule Techniques Part V - The Run Design Team""€™s job Mixer""€™s job Part VI - The Take-Out Design Team""€™s job Mixer""€™s job Techniques