Million Dollar Bash - Bob Dylan, The Band and the Basement Tapes - Revised and Updated Edition

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Publisher: Jawbone Press

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781908279699

It's 1967, the Summer of Love, and Bob Dylan is holed up in Woodstock with a group of musicians once known as The Hawks, laying down a set of recordings that will soon turn the music world on its head. These recordings – the Basement Tapes – would not be released commercially by Dylan at first, but would emerge in the form of cover versions by acts such as the Byrds, Manfred Mann, and Peter Paul & Mary. Together, they would inspire a homespun, back-to-basics approach in the work of the Beatles, the Stones, the Grateful Dead, and many others, while also kick-starting the entire Americana genre.

In this fully revised and updated edition – published to coincide with a major new documentary about the Basement Tapes and the release of the T Bone Burnett-produced Lost on the River album – author and musician Sid Griffin is given unique access to a cache of more than 40 never-before-heard Basement Tapes recordings, allowing him to shine even greater light on this pivotal yet often misunderstood moment in popular music history. 328 pages


  • “Griffin is a soulful detective who frames his colorful, precise descriptions with revealing context.” – David Fricke, Rolling Stone
  • “An exhausting guide.” – Jon Savage, The Observer
  • “A thorough, entertaining tale [told] in a style that's part conversation, part journalism, part heroically detailed liner note.” – Sylvie Simmons, Mojo
  • “Invaluable.” – Jason Draper, Record Collector