Michael John LaChiusa Songbook

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Michael John LaChiusa Songbook - Piano/Vocal This first-ever Michael John LaChiusa sheet music collection contains 39 songs from one of the most distictive and admired theatre composers of our time. More than 250 pages of music chronicle two decades of LaChiusa shows, from early 1990s breakouts First Lady Suite and Hello Again to celebrated favorites like The Wild Party, See What I Wanna See, and much more. The composer supplied a wealth of previously unpublished music for this collection, ensuring that even the most devoted LaChiusa fan will discover new and exciting songs among these pages. Titles:
  • Adela (from Bernarda Alba)
  • Beautiful (Marie Christine)
  • The Bed Was Not My Own (Hello Again)
  • By the Way (Little Fish)
  • The Christian Thing to Do (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Coffee (See What I Wanna See)
  • Curiosity (See What I Wanna See)
  • Eleanor Sleeps Here (First Lady Suite)
  • Fraud (Broken Sleep)
  • The Gift of You (The Nutcracker)
  • He Wanted a Girl (Giant)
  • Heaven (Hotel C'est l'Amour)
  • Hello Again (Hello Again)
  • Hello, Lover, Hello (Send (who are you? I love you)
  • The Highest Yellow (The Highest Yellow)
  • How Many Women in the World? (The Wild Party)
  • I Don't Hear the Ocean (Marie Christine)
  • I Ran (Little Fish)
  • Little Fish (Little Fish)
  • Martirio (Bernarda Alba)
  • Mistress of the Senator (Hello Again)
  • My Husband Was an Army Man (First Lady Suite)
  • The One I Love (Hello Again)
  • Optimistic (Lovers and Friends)
  • People Like Us (The Wild Party)
  • Private Property (Giant)
  • Remember Me (Little Fish)
  • See What I Wanna See (See What I Wanna See)
  • She Looked at Me (See What I Wanna See)
  • Simple Creature (Little Fish)
  • The Smallest Stream (Bernarda Alba)
  • The Smallest Thing (First Lady Suite)
  • A Stranger (Giant)
  • There Will Be a Miracle (See What I Wanna See)
  • Tom (Hello Again)
  • Tom Sawyer (Romance Language)
  • Way Back to Paradise (Marie Christine)
  • Welcome to My Party (The Wild Party)
  • When It Ends (The Wild Party). ©2011
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