Metal Guitar Songwriting, Riffing & Soloing

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This intermediate-advanced DVD will appeal to any metal guitar players who want to improve their playing and songwriting skills! Fans of Chimaira will be especially happy to know that this DVD includes detailed breakdowns of their songs "Six, " "Worthless, " "End It All, " and "Empire." But even those metal players who may not be Chimaira fans will find a wealth of useful information on this disc. For improving riffing/soloing skills, Rob Arnold shows you his favorite physical techniques (finger exercises, picking exercises, right hand finger tapping, bi-dextral hammer-ons) as well as a bit of theory (chords, voicings, pentatonic patterns, scales.) No reading required! Every exercise is clearly shown on-screen (both hands shown) and in tablature in the booklet. Perhaps the most interesting part of this DVD is the extended section where Rob takes you step-by-step on writing a progressive metal song in the style of Chimaira. For fans of the genre, learning to write a multi-part song with intros, outros, solo sections, etc. can be difficult - here, Rob takes you through an original song part-by-part and explains how to vary sections and fit parts together for a coherent song. Included with the DVD is a free membership to the RockHouse website. ©2008, DVD with 32-page booklet