Metal Guitar: Modern, Speed And Shred - Advanced DVD

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If you are serious about taking your playing to the next level then sink your teeth into this program with Marc Rizzo, one of today's new breed of young guitarists who stands out as master musician with phenomenal technique. Through your one-on-one lessons with Marc you will develop skills needed to play Modern, Speed and Shred Metal. Learn scales spanning the entire neck, power chords, speed picking, tapping, Marc's personal bending technique and an arsenal of riffs for you can play. He will even show you how to get that growling metal sound.Included FREE with this program:Lifetime membership to The Rock House Method® lesson support system on the web, use the member number found inside your DVD case to register. Get Helpful Tips, Take Quizzes, Use the interactive lesson tools, Download sheet music, Download backing tracks to play over, Use the student Message Boards And much more to make your learning fun, easy and complete. ©2007, DVD.