Mastering Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

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Format: Softcover & Online Audio

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
ISBN: 978-15134-6285-1
The Hawaiian word for slack key guitar, kī hō‛alu, means to “loosen the key” or retune some of the strings to create a harmonious sound with an open or alternate tuning. Slack key is a fingerpicking style characterized by strong alternating bass lines played with the thumb. While slack key can be played on any guitar, most players prefer a nylon- or steel-stringed acoustic instrument.

This book presents 25 intermediate to advanced traditional and original tunes in the Hawaiian slack key style. Melodies are often harmonized in sixths or thirds played with or without double stops. Techniques like syncopated bass lines, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and harmonics are tastefully employed to evoke the images of ocean breezes, swaying palms, hula dancers and white sandy beaches.

The author writes, “Unless you grew up playing slack key, it’s hard to get from the material presented in most books and DVDs to a fluid, play-it-your-own-way style.” This book seeks to reveal the insights the author has gleaned from studying and jamming with some of the giants of the slack key style, and help you develop a style all your own.

Includes access to online audio tracks of all 25 relaxing but challenging Hawaiian slack key tunes. ©2020, 96 pages
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Tunings Used in This Book
Part One: Kani Kī Hō‘alu – Songs in Taro Patch Tuning
Gabby’s Hula Medley
Kolomona Slack Key
Lesson One – From Melody to Arrangement
Pua Sadinia – Melody
Pua Sadinia – Arranged
Lesson Two – Creating Your Own Take on a Classic 
Opihi Moemoe – Structural Outline
Opihi Moemoe – Variations
Opihi Moemoe –Transcription 
Lesson Three – Playing Together
Kealoha Duet
Kimo’s Slack Key Duet 
The Road to Duke’s
Lesson Four – Some Thoughts on Composing
Part Two: A Voyage Through Kī Hō‘alu Tunings
Double Slack Tuning
Po Mahina Slack Key
Drop C Tuning
Annie’s Slack Key Lullabye
Aunty’s Christmas Goose 
Lesson Five – Jus’ Press: Improvisation in Slack Key 
C Wahine Tuning
Las Blancas Flores 
F Wahine Tuning
He Aloha No‘o Honolulu
Makee Ailana 
Bf Major Tuning
Green Rose Hula
Pua Lilia
D Major Add9 Tuning
Ku‘u Lei Awapuhi Melemele
C Mauna Loa Tuning
Aloha Medley
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