Mastering Fingerstyle Guitar Method

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This advanced method for fingerstyle guitar is perfect for experienced players who want greater variety, refinement and creativity in their playing. You will start with an in-depth look at essential techniques such as tone productions and dynamic control, free-stroke, rest-stroke, shifting, tremolo and planting. Moving on, you'll discover all the incentive techniques of the contemporary fingerstyle masters such as left-hand tapping, right-hand tapping, drumming and "the scrape." Topics also include unusual alternate tunings and ideas for creating your own new tunings. The arranging section from Intermediate Fingerstyle Guitar (AP189) is continued with even more creative and interesting ideas. This one-of-a-kind book is a must for any serious fingerstyle player. The book is loaded with: examples in standard music notation and TAB; tons of fingerpicking patterns; plenty of complete songs in a variety of styles for you to learn; lessons on alternate tunings; lessons on every imaginable fingerstyle technique; techniques and theory for making your own fingerstyle arrangements. ©1997, 95 pages. Book & CD.