Massey Hall: An Enduring Legacy

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Foreword by Jann Arden

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781459744998

The fascinating story of Canada's most revered concert hall and the myriad artists who have graced its stage.

Known for its intimacy and sense of occasion, a night at Toronto's Massey Hall is magical for both audiences and performers. For many musicians, playing the hall is the surest sign that they have made it. Looking out over the crowd, performers often comment that they feel they have joined history as they stand on the stage where Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, and so many other legends have stood.

Based on scores of interviews and meticulous research, Massey Hall chronicles not only the historical and musical moments of the past 127 years, but also the community of artists and supporters that has built up around the hall. Covering both emerging artists such as Shakura S'Aida and William Prince and musical giants from Herbie Hancock to the Tragically Hip, this full-color book is a celebration of music, community, and our shared cultural heritage. ©2021, 272 pages

Massey Hall is one of the great iconic concert venues in the world for both classical and pop music. Now it has an iconic book to go with it. If one day we would have to explain to extraterrestrials the magic of the human invention of music, this book would suffice to make their ears (assuming those extraterrestrials have something like ears) burn and yearn.-- "Rufus Wainwright, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and composer"

This is a book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Massey Hall and even more. Terrifically researched and written, with loads of great pictures, it's all you need to spend some special time at a fabulous theatre, and you don't even need a ticket.-- "Bernie Finkelstein, founder of True North Records" 

No matter how many times I play Massey, I feel like there's a new magic that spills over from the walls and that beautiful wooden stage. It's like I'll never really get to know it, but it always feels familiar and exciting. Either from the audience or the stage, every time I'm inside, it's an honor and a gift that takes me in its grounded, nourishing mystery. David's book covers all the familiar and magical ground I feel when I walk through those doors backstage or front of house. It feels like I'm inside those walls again when I open this book. That's the kind of magic worth sharing.-- "Serena Ryder, Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter"