Marketing and Merchandising for Musicians

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Product Overview

Marketing and Merchandising for Musicians defines what an effective and competitive music marketing campaign is by addressing the changing landscape of music marketing. Traditionally, record companies were responsible for these tasks, but as advances in technology have allowed musicians to create professional-quality recordings in their own homes, the label's role in many parts of the process has diminished. With this book you'll learn how to understand your markets and target them with precision, grow your fan base, make your own CDs and website, sell your music online, leverage social media as a promotional tool, create T-shirts, hats, and other merchandise, keep up with the rapid changes in the industry, and more! Contents: Introduction. 1. An Ode to the Record Business. 2. Becoming the New Musician. 3. Understanding the Terminology. 4. Knowing Your Audience. 5. Taking Advantage of Traditional Marketing Techniques. 6. Leveraging Social Marketing Techniques. 7. Music and Merchandising. 8. You and the Future of the Music Business. 9. Learn from the Experience of Others. Appendix. ""©2012