Mandolin for Violinists

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Mandolin for Violinists provides violinists with the skills and knowledge needed to master the mandolin; it also teaches ways in which mandolin concepts can open up one's violin playing. The book offers key insights into the similarities and differences between the two instruments so that violinists can quickly learn to play the mandolin. The book and companion CD cover basic fingering and picking techniques and then move through exercises and pieces drawn from the classical, swing and folk genres. ©2011, Book & CD, 80 pages. Contents: Introduction Switching to Mandolin Picking Motion Playing a Fretted Instrument The Open Strings Fretting Notes Mandolin Fingerboard Chart June Apple Swallow Tail Jig Minuet Blackberry Blossom Etude Major Scales Canon in D Major Old Joe Clark Mary Had a Little Lamb Cross Picking Concerto for Two Violins Bile Them Cabbage Cello Suite Celtic Mandolin Melody Old Time Mandolin Slurs Baroque Slurs Tremolo Carnival of Venice Mandolin Ballad Chords Amazing Grace Root Position Chords 1st Inversion Chords 2nd Inversion Chords Bile Them Cabbage Chords Seventh Chords Building Chords Standard Mandolin Bossamando Csardas Eight String Blues Sonata in F Major Strumming, Muting and Chopping Chords Mandolin as a Learning Tool for Violinist Comping Chords on the Violin About the Author