Managing Artists in Pop Music

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Music Managers and artists will learn the secrets of successful management in this timely guide to the popular music business. The book presents scenarios from a manager's work life along with the legal and business skills to master them. Through stories of real-life famous artist-manager teams, the authors analyze, criticize, and detail what a manager ought to learn to be an effective advisor and representative.Co-written by a performing arts manager and an actress/journalist, the book teaches future music managers and artists how to acquire clients, negotiate contracts, develop and image, administer taxes and finances, and deal with promoters, media, attorneys, and unions. A special chapter tells artists what to took for in a manager, how to sign fair management contracts, and how to avoid career manipulation. Packed with industry guidelines, sample contracts, sure-fire career tips, and photos of acclaimed industry icons, this book is a professional springboard for music managers, recording artists, singers, and rock bands alike. ©2003, 240 pages. Publisher Sugg List $19.95 US.