Making Music with Samples

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Tips, Techniques & 600 Ready-to-Use Samples. It undoubtedly found a natural home in dance music, but sampling is by no means restricted to one single musical genre. It's everywhere these days, whether or not you're aware of it. That cutting acoustic guitar part in the latest singalong pop hit, or luscious string pad on the romantic ballad, or wheezy organ riff that warms up a funky new dancefloor tune, there's a good chance all of those are samples. Sampling can be obvious, or it can be subtle; it can be exploitative, it can be innovative; it can be legal, or it can be illegal. This book steers you towards some of the more creative uses of samples, as well as helping you stay on the right side of the law. A few of the areas covered in Making Music with Samples include: the technical basics of sampling, choice of samples, editing techniques, creating a sampler instrument, manipulating sounds, MIDI controllers, history of sampling, and copyright law. The book incorporates two CDs, one offering audio illustrations of sampling processes and techniques described in particular chapters, the other containing 500MB of samples culled from the libraries of Zero-G for you to use and experiment with in your own time. ©2005, 208 pages. Book & 2 CDs.