Making Music With Mobile Devices

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Making Music With Mobile Devices Most of us employ at least one form of mobile device for communication, organization, information, and listening to music. But what about making music? In the past, we" ve had to wait to make music until we returned to the studio, or we" d carry around a ratty old notebook in which we would jot down our ideas. Now, with the help of a growing number of programmers and manufacturers, we can employ mobile music-making devices to make music remotely. This book shows you how. This book" s purpose is not only to give you new ideas for making music while you are waiting in the subway or on a break at work, but also to show you how to incorporate those mobile music sessions back into your home studio sessions. It offers a survey of the available technologies, hardware, and software available for making music on mobile devices, as well as direct instruction and tutorials on how to set up music software on mobile devices and then integrate your music into a stage or studio setup. Additionally, this book covers how to integrate mobile devices into the home recording environment for use with software such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and more. Benefits:
  • Teaches musicians how to create and capture inspiration wherever they are using popular handhelds.
  • Explains how musicians can integrate their mobile device into their home studio set-ups.
  • Provides methods of employing mobile devices for live performance.
  • Offers instruction on how to use the hottest applications out there for mobile music making. Table of Contents:
    Benefits of Mobile Music.
    Nintendo and its Role in Portable Music.
    Korg DS-10: The First Pro Music App for the Gameboy DS.
    Advanced Korg DS-10: Studio Integration.
    Chapter V. Nanoloop.
    Integrating Nanoloop and other Nintendo games in to your Home Recording Environment.
    The iPhone/Ipod Touch.
    Integrating the Iphone and IPod touch in to your studio.
    The Korg Kaos Line. ©2010, 304 pages.
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