Making It in the Music Business, Third Edition

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In today" s competitive music industry, it takes more than just talent to succeed and survive. Entertainment attorney Lee Wilson provides the business information and legal advice that songwriters and performers need before they can afford their own lawyers and managers. With easy-to-understand chapters and engaging true-to-life examples, Making It In The Music Business explains: Copyright law; How to find and work with bookers, managers, music lawyers, and music publishers; how to choose and protect a perfprming name; How music publishing, band partnership, booking, and management contracts work; and Form agreements with detailed instructions. This updated third edition includes: How to start and run a band, new resources, and a complete glossary. Lee Wilson has been an intellectual-property lawyer for more than twenty years. She is the author of ten books, including The Copyright Guide(MS692). She has served on the boards of numerous arts organizations and periodically writes a legal affairs column for Communication Arts magazine. She lives near Nashville, Tennessee. ©2004, 240 pages.