Maggie's Big Book of Celtic Tunes

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For Hammered Dulcimer and other Melody Instruments This music book is a collection of 124 tune arranged for the Hammered Dulcimer and also suitable for other "C" melody instruments (recorder, pennywhistle, fiddle, mandolin, guitar) Chords are included. The music is transcribed from the playing of Maggie Sansone, America's premier hammered duclimer player and teacher specializing in Celtic music, from her six of her most popular recordings Traditions, Mist & Stone, Dance Upon the Shore, A Traveler's Dream, Mystic Dance and Merrily Greet the Time. The music is in standard notation. All tunes and arrangements can be played easily on 12/11 as well as the larger extended range hammered dulcimer models. The music and arrangements cover a wide range of level from the advanced beginner level to advanced as many of the tunes are presented as a simple melody line with chords and others are transcribed with fuller arrangements and optional variations. Listening to the recordings on which the tunes were recorded will enrich the musician's understanding of the tunes and their Celtic spirit. America's premier hammered dulcimer recording artist and teacher, Maggie Sansone offers a stunning collection of music which will thrill both students of the hammered duclcimer and all musiclovers of celtic music and offer invaluable insight into Maggie Sansone's playing and arranging style. Beginner - Intermediate. ©2006, 160 pages.