M-Audio Guide For the Recording Guitarist

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Product Overview

With the proliferation of inexpensive, high-quality hardware and software, most of the power of a professional studio is now available to musicians in the comfort of their own homes. Artists can now compose, perform, record, and distribute music without even leaving the house. The problem is, most musicians don't know how to get started. What equipment should you buy? How do you use it? The M-Audio Guide for the Recording Guitarist presents a complete how-to guide that answers these questions and more. Specifically geared towards guitarists, this book explains how to work with the M-Audio hardware and software specifically devoted to helping guitarists join the computer-recording revolution. And as the leading provider of creative tools for musicians and audio professionals, M-Audio knows home recording better than anyone else. The ins and outs of all the equipment and what it does is covered in-depth, including recording interfaces for computers, guitars, keyboards, microphones, mixers, MIDI controllers, preamps, and speakers. This is the only guide guitarists need to get serious about creating the highest quality recordings possible in their home studio. ©2008, 446 pages.