Logic Pro 7 Power!

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Product Overview

If you" re a Logic user, and you want to learn how to get the most out of this powerful digital audio sequencer, Logic Pro 7 Power! is for you. This unique guide explains""”simply and thoroughly€”everything you need to know to make music using Logic Pro 7. You" ll gain an in-depth understanding of the philosophy behind Logic and why it works the way it does. The comprehensive introduction to digital audio, MIDI, and sequencing in Logic provides you with a solid foundation for working with the software. You" ll then proceed on to the many advanced features of Logic that become important as you create more complex compositions and build a more involved project studio. Written by a Logic expert and longtime user, this book will make a powerful difference in your music creation and audio production, and it will continue to serve as a useful reference. Features:
  • A revision of the successful Logic 6 Power, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the latest version of Logic Pro, Logic Pro 7.
  • Get in-depth coverage on recording and editing audio with MIDI, mixing your own songs, using automation in Logic, synchronizing hardware with Logic, working with video, and working with audio instruments.
  • The author offers step-by-step explanations as well as tips, tricks, and visual walk-throughs that will help readers understand this complex software.
  • Readers will appreciate the extensive index and the cross-reference of Logic's menu commands in the appendix.
  • Written by an experienced computer musician and professional audio writer who is also a moderator for the Logic User Group, an online community of over 13, 000 Logic users. ©2004, 480 pages.