Logic Pro 101 - Music Production Fundamentals

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Product Overview

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Series: Music Pro Guides

Product Number: 00380546

Format: Softcover 

ISBN: 9781538158166

Learn the basics of producing music with Apple's Logic Pro digital audio workstation. Since its introduction by Emagic in the 1990s, Logic software has become a favorite platform among musicians everywhere. Today's Logic Pro features an intuitive interface that is easy for beginners to learn, while also offering deep functionality and robust audio and MIDI features that meet the needs of the most advanced user. Logic Pro 101 and the included media files will guide you through the fundamentals of music production, including:

• Studio setup and configuration

• Basic Logic Pro controls

• Creating Logic Pro projects

• Importing and working with audio and MIDI files

• Recording audio and MIDI

• Making selections and navigating

• Editing audio and MIDI

• Working in the Live Loops Grid

• Basic mixing and exporting

Mastering these essential skills is the first step toward becoming a Logic Pro expert. Logic Pro 101 uses a tried and tested approach that has proven successful in certification programs worldwide. 350 pages