Logic CSi Starter CD-ROM

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Product Overview

Logic CSi Starter, which includes instruction on the latest version of Logic, Logic 6, is geared toward the beginner using Logic Pro and Express versions. This CSi Starter is not super technical, but does provide enough background information to keep the you on track. Therefore, as a new user, you will not find yourself frustrated trying to figure out the technology before getting the opportunity to delve into Logic" s functionalities. You are guided by an experienced Logic user through the steps of producing a song from set up, through recording, editing, mixing to creating a CD/MP3 and backing up your files. The CSi Starter acts as a vehicle for you to actually see and hear how Logic works. This interactive style of learning is truly effective because it enables you to practice what you've learned as you go. This interactive CD-ROM is perfect as a standalone learning tool, or can be used in conjunction with Logic 6 Power! (MS821) which educates you on the more advanced features. Features:
  • Consists of over 2.5 hours of interactive training and movie tutorials on Logic
  • Movie tutorials are designed to maximize clear and concise delivery of information
  • A perfect way for beginners to get up to speed quickly on Logic" s many features
  • Enables users to easily switch back and forth between the CSi and Logic ©2004, CD-ROM