Logic 8 Beginner Level - Pro & Express

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Product Overview

Apple's Logic 8 has been completely redesigned from the group up, making this latest version of the feature-packed digital audio workstation application simply the best it's ever been. Forget what you know about previous versions, Apple's Logic 8 Pro Studio and Express are all new and full of enhancements across the board. This new DVD from BCI Media and Hal Leonard, Logic 8: Beginner Level explores all of the features of Logic 8 so that no matter which edition you choose, you'll be able to use the powerful tools it provides to start making your music sound incredible! You'll learn how to quickly navigate the newly designed single-window interface, and how Logic 8's new Multitake Management and Quick Swipe Comping dramatically streamline the overdub process. Learn to master the powerful new audio editng features such as snap-to-transient and graphical time stretching, and sample accurate editing in the Arrange window while learning to work faster and with greater precision. You'll even learn all about end-to-end surround production features in Logic 8, including multichannel tracks, busses, and support for True Surround software instruments and effects. This DVD will familiarize you with the features of Logic 8 Express while introudcitng you to even more features from the massive Logic 8 Pro Studio package. 120 minutes. ©2008, DVD.