Live Audio - The Art of Mixing a Show

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A live sound engineer" s world revolves around the venue. Whether you find yourself working in a cozy club or an expansive concert arena, every location has challenges. It takes more than plugging in a few amplifiers and turning up the volume full blast to get the job done. Experience and ingenuity are needed to ensure that the band" s sound is always at its best. Live Audio is a practical, hands-on, "in the trenches" guide to mixing and live sound from an author with years of professional experience. Combining a lively writing style and real world examples with essential details covering the technical and practical aspects of working a live show, Live Audio gives you a real-world look into working a live venue. Learn the technical, practical, and political aspects of the job""¦
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Being creative with the tools you are given
  • Letting your mixes become more instinctual
  • Understand the important elements of live mixing
  • Working with the band ©2010, 256 pages. CONTENTS: Section 1: Pre Show
    What is a Live Audio Engineer?

    Audio Engineering Basics
    Decibels and dB Limits
    Power and Electricity
    Advancing the Show
    Rehearsals Section 2: Show Day
    Load In Publi
    c Address Systems
    Desks Up
    Line Systems
    Tuning the System
    Setting the Stage
    The Mix
    The Show Section 3: Post Show
    Equipment Lists
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