Little Rockers – Your Child's First Musical Steps

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Product Overview

Book with Downloadable Audio and Video

Publisher: Teach Kids Music

Series: Rock House

Format: Softcover & Online Media

ISBN: 9781540084071

The road to stardom starts here! Give your child the musical advantage that will help them excel at any instrument. Children learn the foundation of rhythm and timing using clapping and tapping patterns. Next they move onto percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks, shakers, and tambourines to apply musical patterns over songs. Children then get their first music lessons on piano, guitar, ukulele, singing, and drums. Kids learn the basics of each instrument so they can easily decide which is a perfect match. Many children go on to play several instruments! The lessons taught in this book will plant a musical seed that will continue to grow for your child's entire life!

This fun learning music program includes:

• Downloadable video and audio tutorials and demonstrations

• Clapping and tapping patterns help children understand music

• Rhythm and timing exercises with percussion instruments

• Lessons for guitar, piano, ukulele, singing, and drums

Teachers, parents, and volunteers can help guide children through the entire book! Each lesson has teacher and parent instructions to help teach the lesson in a thorough and effective manner even if you have no musical experience!


• Downloadable video and audio for each lesson

• Complete beats, rhythm & timing course

• Free membership for online lesson support ©2020, 90 pages