Leonard Cohen - A Remarkable Life

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Leonard Cohen - A Remarkable Life Anthony Reynolds' fascinating and detailed biography draws on scores of new interviews conducted with Cohen's band members past and present, his business associates, editors, friends, fans, producers, colleagues, enemies and peers. As well as their revealing accounts, the author has gained access to hours of previously unpublished interviews with Cohen as well as video archive recordings from several decades. The book also includes an authoritative summary of every Cohen album, with insights and recollections supplied from the musicians who appeared on the recordings. Gradually, despite Cohen's own good-natured evasiveness over the past 40 years, a surprisingly frank portrait emerges of the legendary figure who commands unparalleled loyalty from his fans and followers, young and old. From his beginnings as a much-praised poet in Montreal, through the travels, affairs, religious crisis and drama of his latest tours, Cohen's extraordinary life and body of work is examined as never before. The book includes many previously unpublished photographs. ©2011, 336 pages.