Learn to Play Klezmer Music DVD

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Learn to play the joyous traditional music of Eastern European Jews! This DVD lesson is rich in knowledge, history, lore and invaluable musical information for all instrumentalists who want to get into this compelling style. Andy Statman discusses the background, techniques and stylistic nuances needed to perform klezmer correctly, regardless of the instrument you play. This stirring music, increasingly popular among Jewish musicians as well as with "world music" enthusiasts around the globe, is highly improvisational, with powerful melodies and rich ornamentation. Andy teaches typical Jewish tunes, playing each one slowly and unornamented, then demonstrating how trills, slurs, grace notes, vibrato and other variations "bring out the heart that's inside the melody." You'll learn connecting runs, classic endings, "dangerous" ornaments to avoid, and the rhythmic underpinning of this vital music. Andy then performs each tune on clarinet, accompanied by Zev Zions on accordion. The humor, wisdom and advice that Andy imparts is a "must" for anyone interested in playing one of the world's great musical forms. Songs: Purim niggun, Moshe Emes (Breslev niggun), Meron niggun, The Old Sher. Includes music booklet. 80 minutes. DVD.