Learn Rock Drums - Beginner DVD

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This comprehensive DVD includes 49 lessons, plus additional material on setting up your drum set. Aimed at the complete beginner, Mark Manzcuk of Canine Guru ( takes a systematic approach to drum set playing - from quarter notes, to eighth notes, to 16th notes, etc. Each short lesson is clearly illustrated with multiple camera angles, so that you can see the relation between the bass drum and snare/hi hat patterns. Several lessons include bass & guitar backing tracks to play to, and the booklet includes music for each pattern so that the student can begin to identify with the relationship to printed music. Drummers will appreciate the free web membership where they can join the online community. Thousands of guitarists, bassists, and keyboard players are already conversing there about their favorite bands, posting their own music, and helping each other learn their favorite riffs! ©2008, DVD with 20-page booklet and free web membership. Download now at: Learn Rock Drums Beginner