Learn Heavy Metal Guitar With 6 Great Masters DVD

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With a new introduction by Matt Scharfglass - Music editor for Guitar World, Guitar World Acoustic, and Bass Guitar magazines, Matt Scharfglass is also leader of the rock band Mrs. Grundy. A bassist and multi-instrumentalist, he has written over a dozen music books. Six great lessons from the masters of Heavy Metal guitar:
  • Lesson 1: Marty Friedman - helps you construct unique runs and develop your speed Lesson 2: Vinnie Moore - on basic scales, theory and technique plus tips on practicing
  • Lesson 3: Vivian Cambell - the Def Leopard master shows you exciting pull-off licks, muting and split harmonics
  • Lesson 4: Al Pitrelli - teaches solid foundation work in the modes and arpeggios
  • ""Lesson 5: Michael Fath - shows how to work on basic sweeping, triad stacking and arpeggios
  • Lesson 6: Michael Lee Firkins - on challenging sweeps, picking, arpeggios, and right-hand tapping You'll never miss a note!
  • You see the music and the tablature on screen as it's being played!
  • All right- and left-hand techniques are shown in close-up and with helpful split-screen effects to make learning easy
  • Slow motion segments with standard pitch sound
  • Artist biographies
  • Suggested listening
  • Booklet with music examples included ©2005, DVD.