Learn Basic Drum - Ultimate Beginner Series Junior DVD

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Product Overview

Never before has it been so easy to get a young person started on playing a musical instrument with just one self-contained product. UBSJr. is an interactive learning experience designed to introduce the young beginner to the various aspects of playing an instrument, all the while creating a lasting desire to learn music that will stay with them for a lifetime. As you enjoy the benefits of a "learn at your own pace" method, UBSJr.teaches the beginning steps of learning the drums through the context ofan entertaining story that is at the same time enchanting and educational. Through numerous activities, exercises, and songs, you will learn important skills and information such as: Types of drums and cymbals, parts of the drums, how to set up the drum set, how to use the sticks, correct playing technique, meaning of melody, harmony, and rhythm, how to find the beat, putting together drumbeats, creating new drumbeats, playing a song, musical terms and symbols, how to practice, accessories, and more. ©2003, DVD.