Lead Guitar Scales In C - Poster

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Lead Guitar Scales In C will teach you exactly what and where the notes are located on the neckof the guitar for playing lead guitar scales in the key of C. If you" re going to play lead""¦ you" re going to play scales€¦ now learning lead scales in C has never been easier. This graphically stimulating poster by Phil Black depicts basic Major & Minor Diatonic & Pentatonic scales in simple, yet colorful diagrams. The use of brilliant colors helps to identify the fingering and the melodic approach to playing each of them. Although all these scales have the note "C" as the root, (with minor exceptions) the patterns will be the same for any other root and should be practiced in every key for maximum efficiency. Simply hang this poster in your music studio, practice room or perhaps on your bedroom wall. Any visible spot where "at-a-glance" assistance is all the help you require. 11" x 17"