Latin Jazz Piano, Volume 1

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In this 85 page book, Latin Jazz Piano, Vol. 1, Mr. Campos breaks new ground by presenting eight different songs in eight different authentic Latin styles such as Salsa, (chord progession to "A Night In Tunisia"), Mambo, ( chord progression to "Manteca"), Nanigo, ( chord progression to "Afro Blue"), Cha Cha, ( chord progression to "Song For My Father"), Bolero, ( chord progession to Besame Mucho"), Songo, (chord progression to "Green Dolphin Street"), Merengue, (chord progression to "April In Paris") and Bai""£o, (chord progression to "St. Thomas"). Each selection has been beautifully recorded and contains a note for note musical transcription of both the piano comping section and the piano solos. As if this weren" t enough, Midi files of all eight recordings accompany this book. Much care was taken in transcribing and notating all of the music in this book to ensure that all of the unique idiomatic expressions of Mr. Campos" performances were accurately captured, while at the same time making the songs easy to read and learn. ©2000, Book & CD.