Latin DJ Techniques: Miami Style

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It's time to experience the real deal with Latin Superstar DJ Sama as he teaches you the hottest Latin DJ Techniques: MIAMI STYLE! DJ Sama has made a name for himself as one the hottest Latin TV and radio DJs in the world. Take a journey with him in the studio and to some of Miami's hottest clubs and radio stations as he demonstrates how to keep the party bumping, Latino Style! Get the 411 on BPM counting, beat mixing and some of his more advanced techniques in mixing and live free styling. Learn Salsa, Meringue, Buchata, Reggaeton and more as DJ Sama, The WEPA Girls and some very special guests show you what it takes to be a Latin DJ Superstar! Special features include: bonus video footage of DJ Sama performing LIVE!, DJ Sama's bio, all about DJ Sama's Djing Skool, MP3 download of a true DJ Sama mix, Internet connectivity to a slew of the hottest DJ websites around, and additional product previews. DVD.