Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar, Volume 2 DVD

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Product Overview

Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar three part DVD series presents an intense and challenging study of jazz guitar ideas. In this second volume the following subjects are discussed:
  • Creating the improvised line.
  • Substitute chords.
  • Importance of the minor/major 7th sound.
  • The jazz (ascending melodic) minor scale and related chords.
  • How to apply the jazz minor scale to standards.
  • Repositioning altered chords to fit single-note fingering options within the jazz minor spectrum.
  • Vocabulary of the improvised line.
  • Blues phrasing to a more sophisticated bebop-type of line.
  • Guitaristic devices that advance the music, i.e. string-bending, octaves and fingering.
  • How to play/improvise on, "Autumn Leaves", as a solo guitar performance or within a small group context.
  • More involved chords and improvisation with John Coltrane's, "Moments's Notice". A detailed tab/music instructional booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. ©2006, DVD, 70 minutes.