Larry Coryell's Blues Guitar DVD

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Larry goes to the roots and gets down to the bare basics in this video lesson that demonstrates the early influences of Larry's blues-jazz evolution and he begins with the blues guitar techniques of T-Bone Walker and then to the two "Kings" (BB and Albert). This is followed by the more sophisticated blues/jazz realm of the Wes Montgomery. The lesson finishes with some non-guitar but equally important blues influences from the legendary Miles Davis. Specifics covered in this lesson are:
  • The pentatonic scale and intervals.
  • A transcription of a blues tribute to T-Bone Walker.
  • Bending notes in the styles of B.B. King and Albert King.
  • Wes Montgomery's D Natural Blues.
  • Miles Davis' All Blues with relevant "jazz minor" scales that take the music from the bare basics to the more complex altered changes that define the progressive advance of the blues downhome to urban to the mystical. ©2006, DVD, 66 minutes.