Larry Coryell: Advanced Jazz Guitar DVD

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Jazz Fusion pioneer Larry Coryell is well known for his solo work as well as recordings with John McLaughlin, Wayne Shorter, Stephane Grapelli and Sonny Rollins. Always an educator as well as a player, he has been a popular columnist for Guitar Player magazine for years. In Advanced Jazz Guitar, Larry covers unique areas of jazz guitar which are difficult to learn from other sources: combining Django-style with modern walking bass lines; Gabor Szabo octaves; Lenny Breau-style waterfall harmonics; working with dissonance; and special stretch exercises. He also offers his take on the standard areas of swing comping, substitute chords and licks, turnarounds, and more. Music & TAB on the screen as it's played; close-ups of right and left hand with split-screen effects; slow-motion segments with standard pitch sound. 59-minute DVD with 20-page booklet.