Laptop Music Power!

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Using computers in live music performance is more popular than ever. More and more, musicians and bands working in a wide variety of musical styles are making great music with computers and today's powerful software. Laptop Music Power! provides comprehensive and much-needed information on this broad cutting-edge topic, including comparisons of various hardware and software setups, the musical advantages and disadvantages of each, and tips on getting started using computers to perform your own music live. The book includes numerous interviews with musicians, ranging from experimental underground electronica performers to big-budget rock and pop acts, that provide in-depth explanations of their gear and tell how they use computers as part of their music performance. Primarily focusing on the practical side of using computers to perform, this book also explores how the music creation process is changing and how computers and the Internet are affecting our relationship with music. This book provides in-depth coverage on: using computers in today's live music scene, choosing the right computer, Mac or PC, choosing an audio interface and a MIDI controller, DJing digitally using Traktor DJ Studio, Virtual DJ, and others, performing with Ableton Live and other looping software, sequencing with today's various applications, and much more! ©2005, 376 pages.