Lang Lang Piano Academy: mastering the piano, Level 5

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Level: Intermediate

Mastering the piano is the first series of books to be launched in the Lang Lang Piano Academy, a major new piano program encompassing a range of materials for pianists of all levels. Comprising five progressive books, mastering the piano captures Lang Lang's passion, drive and extraordinary mastery of the piano. Each book gives students the chance to learn from this exceptional talent who has impressed the world.

Lang Lang Piano Academy: mastering the piano, Level 5 (approximately equivalent to Grade 5/Intermediate) includes developing dexterity, instinctive pedaling, refining the touch, phrasing and rubato, character, ornamentation, interpretation and style, and performing.

Titles: Prelude in C Minor (Johann Sebastian Bach) * Presto from Sonata K.513 (Domenico Scarlatti) * Bagatelle (Ludwig Van Beethoven) * Prelude in E Minor (Frederic Chopin) * Consolation (Felix Mendelssohn) * The Little Shepherd from 'Children's Corner' (Claude Debussy) * Sweet Was The Melody (Daniel Gottlob Turk) * Summertime from 'Porgy and Bess' (George Gershwin) * Arietta (Edvard Grieg) * Study in A Flat (Stephen Heller) * Miniature in D minor (Aleksandr Gedike) * Nocturne in D minor (John Field) * The Storm (Friedrich Burgmuller) * A Tear (Modeste Mussorgsky) * Autumn Leaves (Vladimir Rebikov) * Study (Carl Czerny) * Menuet in F (Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach) * The Fall of the Leafe (Martin Peerson) * Five Happy Variations (Dmitry Kabalevsky) * Nocturne from 'Sonatina Romantica' (Benjamin Britten) * Inanay Lullaby (Alan Bullard) * Rhapsody from 'For Children' (Bela Bartok) * Fantasia in D minor (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).