Kyle Creed - Clawhammer Banjo Master

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Series: Clawhammer Banjo Masters
Product Number: 22137M
Format: Softcover & Online Audio
Kyle Creed Clawhammer Banjo Master is a collection of clawhammer banjo tablature as played by Kyle Creed, with modern interpretations by Bob Carlin and Dan Levenson. This book is the first in a series of transcriptions of tunes from the old masters–in this case, Kyle Creed–who gave definition to our style of old time clawhammer banjo playing. The repertoire, presented in tablature, is intended to be a starting point for your journey through the old time music world. As such, each piece is presented in multiple arrangements, both on the page and through the online audio. Includes access to online audio recordings that are for the most part played at a learning tempo and are close to the written notation but not exact in all cases. ©2019, 64 pages