Keeping Score Interviews With Today's Top Film Music Scorer

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The movie, Jaws. The main character, a vicious shark coursing through the deep blue ocean taking victims along the way. Who among us can" t hum the ominous musical accompaniment to this? Would Jaws be what it is today without its recognizable score? What about the theme to Star Wars? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Movies and music go hand in hand, neither can exist alone. Is the "shower scene" in Psycho made eerier with the musical score that plays hauntingly in the background? Absolutely! For some, simply hearing the music from movies such as The Exorcist is enough to evoke goose bumps and shivers. Music is powerful. Music is moving. Keeping Score features interviews with the top composers of Hollywood from the worlds of film, television, and games. The insightful conversations are both entertaining and informative, taking the reader behind the scenes of the film scoring industry like never before. As you read about what the composers have to say, you" ll find that their words present a new manner in which the typical movie fans can access "behind-the-scenes" information about their favorite films. You" ll also notice that these composers are as creative with their words as they are with their music. Features:
  • Provides interviews with such luminaries as David Newman (The Spirit, Serenity, Galaxy Quest), Brian Tyler (Rambo, The Fast and the Furious, Eagle Eye), Craig Safan (The Last Starfighter, Cheers), Geoff Zanelli (Disturbia, Hitman, Outlander, Pirates of the Caribbean), Tyler Bates (300, Watchmen), John Ottman (Superman Returns, Valkyrie), and more.
  • Provides new insight to the world of film business through frank discussions with film scorers.
  • Teaches readers more about their favorite composers and their creative inspirations. ©2009, 272 pages.
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