John Patitucci Walking Bass

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How to Play Walking Basslines On Any Chord Sequence - For Upright & Electric Bass

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781789332131

Play jazz basslines by thinking like a composer

At the heart of his walking bass method, John Patitucci teaches you to think compositionally, and you'll discover that walking bass is not just a way to connect the chords by any means. He demonstrates how every line can be a strong melodic statement in its own right.

The musical way to master walking bass, with John Patitucci

You'll hone these essential skills on electric and upright bass:

How to compose and use well-conceived basslines with strong, driving melodies

Hundreds of walking bass movements so you can discover John's jazz vocabulary

How to tastefully spice up the harmony and walk on the most common progressions in jazz

A simple strategy to adapt your basslines when the chord changes are altered or substituted

Melodic walking bass from simple to complex

John Patitucci Walking Bass begins with a look at the essential ii V I VI7 sequence that forms the backbone of hundreds of jazz standards. However, each chapter develops this sequence further with essential harmonic concepts to alter the harmony... each of which becomes more radical as you progress.

This incremental bass method teaches you to walk on any chord changes, no matter how radical.

Discover the Four Guiding Principles John uses to compose strong, memorable basslines that have interest and momentum

Learn to focus your basslines to start simple, then add layers of complexity

Master 15 specially composed bass etudes that give unparalleled insight into John's walking bass approach and vocabulary

Each one of John Patitucci's 15 beautiful bass etudes is broken down into easy-to-digest cells, so you can learn quickly and efficiently.

Master Two-Beat and Four-Beat walking bass feel

Playing half time or "two-beat" is a technique all the bass masters have used, from Ray Brown to Paul Chambers. Each of John's 15 walking bass etudes begins with a two-beat passage to help you develop a deeper sense of feel and swing, before moving into a regular walking pattern. ©2021, 100 pages