Joan Baez Suite for Solo Guitar

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op. 144

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-15134-6652-1
The Joan Baez Suite, op.144 is the last of the great folk song suites written by John Duarte. Stretching back to his English Suite op.31recorded by Segovia and many others, he brought the folk music of many countries, regions, and artists to life. The Joan Baez Suite, written for the great guitarist, Sharon Isbin, brings together some iconic songs in superb arrangements which will satisfy players and audiences alike.
©2021, 24 pages
I. Fantasia
 - Once I Had a Sweetheart
 - Rambler Gambler
 - Barbara Allen
II. House of the Rising Sun
III. The Lily of the West
IV. The Unquiet Grave
V. Silkie
VI. Finale
 - Rake and Rambling Boy
 - Wildwood Flower
 - The Trees They Do Grow High