Jazzin' the Blues For The Intermediate Pianist

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Product Overview

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

Difficulty: Intermediate

Designed to introduce the young intermediate-level pianist to playing the blues, Jazzin' the Blues presents fifteen original blues compositions in various keys, styles and grooves together with downloadable recordings of 40 of the 50 examples in the book. The audio tracks are presented both with and without the lead piano part, so the student can play along with a professional rhythm section which includes piano, vibraphone, alto flute, drums, and bass.

Historical and performance notes are provided with each blues composition. The author enlisted the skills of jazz pianist Charlie Freeman in editing the book and providing fingering for both the treble and bass piano parts, making these pieces more accessible to novice players.

If your knowledge of blues theory or terminology is lacking, this is the book for you! Author Vince Corozine thoroughly explores and demonstrates: blues and pentatonic scale theory, blue notes, grace notes, pedal-points, tremolos, trills, syncopation, anticipation, delayed beats, slash chords, boogie-woogie left-hand patterns, walking bass, stride piano style, straight eighths, swing eighths, passing tones, rolled chords, riffs, "filler" chords, substitutions, and comping styles.

This book also includes essential blues chord theory as well as tips on tasteful chord voicing presented in the context of accompanying a soloist (comping); in addition, the chord progressions represented by the written notation are carefully annotated in every example in the book. The Appendix includes helpful tips on comping, practice, and jazz soloing, plus a list of noteworthy jazz pianists, a key to chord symbols, and a glossary of jazz terms used in the book.

If you are not a competent blues pianist when you first pick up this book, you will be by the time you complete it! Includes access to online audio.

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