Jazz Piano - Voicing Concepts

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Understanding and interpreting chord symbols are part of the basics of playing Jazz music. The piano is the ideal instrument to help you to get an overview of harmonic structures and as such, is an important aid even for non-pianists. With this goal in mind, the simple and clearly structured exercises in Voicing Concepts help the student learn to improvise good-sounding voicings in typical as well as complex harmonic progressions of jazz standards and in various styles and grooves. Fundamentals about the harmonic and melodic structure of Jazz are discovered in the process.
  • Reading, understanding and interpreting chord symbols
  • Major and minor diatonic harmony
  • Open voicings
  • Left hand voicings
  • Two hand voicings
  • Reharmonization techniques
  • Style and groove studies
  • Arranging tips
  • Separate Solution Key
  • CD for listening and self-accompaniment (instruments on separate channels) ©2007, Book & CD.
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