Jazz for Dummies

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Written in a style that" s as hip as the music itself, this ever-so-copacetic guide lays down the rich history and soulful sounds of jazz. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the masters and their music -- from Duke Ellington to Charlie Parker to Wynton Marsalis. Tune into the different jazz styles and become a more savvy listener. Whether you" re getting into the rhythm for the first time or a hep cat solid in the scene, Jazz For Dummies will keep you bopping! Stay in the Groove. Get the lowdown firsthand from today" s greats. Appreciate the different types of jazz - from the big bands to funk jazz. Assemble our own library of great jazz music. Keep those fingers snappin" - recommended online and newsstand jazz resources and treat your ears to some of the hottest jazz on CD. ©2005, Book & CD, 360 pages.