Jazz Drumming - How to Apply Your Vocabulary to the Drum Kit in a Musical Fashion

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Series: Musicians Institute Press

Jazz Drumming is designed to help today's rock, pop, and R&B drummer learn the jazz idiom quickly and efficiently. It is an inclusive and in-depth study of how to authentically perform alongside a rhythm section within jazz's popular styles and forms.

This package includes a set of detailed charts, and each composition focuses on a particular musical form, drumset sound, solo concept, and comping approach. Genre relevant, drumset-based rudimental voicings, solo transcriptions, and simple brush patterns are also presented. After completing this study, the reader will be able to perform within a jazz ensemble – and sound like they belong there!

Donny Gruendler is Vice President Curricular Development Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and he is the author of Playing With Drum Loops, Seeing Sounds (Hudson Music), Private Lessons (Hudson Music) and Dubstep Drumming. Donny is also a member of the Modern Drummer Education Team and a frequent columnist for the magazine.

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