Jazz Course for All Instruments

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5 Simple Strategies for Developing Jazz Language and Fluency

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 978-15134-6786-3

According to musician and musicologist Gunther Schuller, 75% of all harmonic movement in jazz consists of ii-V-I progressions. Consequently, for the jazz improvisor, it is extremely important to be capable of playing a coherent phrase based on any member note of the ii chord and its extensions, in any key. In this book, music educator and world-renowned jazz saxophonist, Lukas Gabric focuses on helping you develop this essential skill. 

The five strategies outlined in Jazz Course for All Instruments are specifically designed to enhance your vocabulary and fluency as a jazz improviser. In a key segment, Gabric explains how longer phrases can be generated by combining minimal source materials. He also seeks to further your transposition and memorization skills as well as instrumental technique—all of which are required for effective improvisation. For those familiar with other styles of music, this reasoned, incremental approach could well open the door to the exciting world of improvised jazz. ©2021, 32 pages


Fundamental Jazz Music Theory 
How to Use this Book
Strategy 1 – Developing Jazz Vocabulary and Fluency 
Starting on the Root of the ii7 Chord 
Starting on the 3rd of the ii7 Chord 
Starting on the 5th of the ii7 Chord 
Starting on the 7th of the ii7 Chord 
Starting on the 9th of the Extended ii7 Chord 
Starting on the 11th of the Extended ii7 Chord 
Starting on the 13th of the Extended ii7 Chord 
Rhythmic Variations 
Major Chord Licks 
Starting on the Root 
Starting on the 3rd 
Starting on the 5th 
Starting on the 7th 
Strategy 2 – Creating Longer ii7-V7 Licks Through Tritone Substitution 
Tritone Substitution 
Strategy 3 – Combination 
Creating New Licks Through Combination 
Creating Long ii7-V7 Licks Through Combination 
Strategy 4 – Sample Exercises for Developing Fluency 
Sample Exercise 1: Ascending Chromatically 
Sample Exercise 2: Ascending & Descending in Whole Steps
Sample Exercise 3: Ascending in Major Thirds 
Strategy 5 – Implementation and Application
The “Plug-in Method” 
The “Building Block Method” 
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