Jazz Anatomy DVD

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Jazz guitar is mysterious and intimidating for most players, so many chords, changes, feels, and then the capper: you have to improvise over all of it. There's really no shortcut for developing jazz chops, but there is an underlying structure and if you understand that structure, the chops will quickly follow. This 2-DVD set decodes the structure of jazz guitar revealing a remarkably clear approach for comping, melodic development and improvisation. Mimi Fox presents five grooves and progressions that are common to thousands of tunes; Major Blues, Minor Blues, Modal, II V I Major and II V I Minor. Get a grip on these five forms and you'll be difficult to stump at the next jam. Each form is covered across 8 video lessons, starting with basic concepts, lines and comps, and then progressing to more advanced material. All of the material is easily translated to any key and all solos and examples are transcribed for reference. ©2009, 2-DVD Set.