Jay Geils - Blues Guitar Improvisation DVD

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Classic Hot Licks Video Titles Now On DVD! Blues guitarists know Jay Geils well, not as the guitarist in the 80's pop band that bore his name, but as a respected jazz/blues guitarist with a command of many styles and a true love for the history of the guitar. That enthusiasm shows through here on Jay's first Hot Licks DVD where Jay, backed by a guitar/bass/drums trio, leads the viewer through the history of electric blues guitar from Charlie Christian to Chuck Berry to BB King and beyond. Geils covers bebop, swing and slide guitar; open E and G tunings, augmented and tritone substitutions, getting the correct blues tone, and many other areas. The TAB booklet with the major exercises transcribed, is an essential part of this great DVD. Jazz guitarists will also enjoy this DVD! 77-minute DVD with 38-page booklet