Jack Wilkins - Jazz Guitar Workshop DVD

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Wilkins performs featured tunes with an upright bassist and a rhythm guitarist. Solos and examples are primarily of the single-line type, with fine improvised sections and lightning-fast runs. Soloing over 2-5-1 progression, through circle of 5ths. Introduces arpeggios that fit this progression. Fast paced with many examples. On-screen numbers help correlate examples with monologue and performance. The tritone substitution is demonstrated. Introduces 5 basic arpeggios: major 7, dominant 7, minor half-diminished, and diminished. Wilkins encourages starting from any finger in any position. Addresses the concept of contrary motion - bass line/melody. The enclosed booklet is detailed and very helpful. Wilkins recommends the use of a metronome to improve over all ability. Wilkins plays an arch-top jazz guitar played with a flat pick, occasional hybrid technique using the flat pick and finger of the hand are shown, as well as fingerstyle technique. Dorian mode and scales in general are briefly discussed. Includes a beautiful rendition of Here's That Rainy Day in melody/chord style. Level: Intermediate-Advanced, DVD, 80 minutes.