iSong Interactive Sheet Music: Glenn Gould Plays Bach CD-ROM

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Product Overview

iSong is the only teaching tool that actually syncs to the original recordings of legendary musicians and today's top stars! Each iSong pack includes arrangements ranging from very simple to note-accurate transcriptions, a performance video, and a virtual fretboard or keyboard, all in one wholly interactive environment. No matter what your skill level or whether or not your can read music, iSong is a great way for your to learn the songs you've always wanted to play!Each iSong CD-ROM features six innovative teaching tools in a state-of-the-art interactive environment: Animated score and TAB; Synced instructor video; iLevel arrangements widely ranging in difficulty; virtual "live" fretboard or keyboard; tempo control; looping with exact cueing."i>Glenn Gould Plays Back for Piano CD-ROM features: English Suite, No. 1; French Suite No. 2; Invention No. 1; Invention No. 8; Prelude; Goldberg Variations.Minimum System Requirements: Macintosh: Power Macintosh; 4MB Application RAM; 1MB Video RAM; 6x CD-ROM Player; QuickTime 2.5 or Greater. Windows: Pentium Processor, 4MB Application RAM; 1MB Video RAM; 8x CD-ROM Player; Sound Blaster Compatible; QuickTime 3.0 or Greater. ©1999.