iPad Music - In the Studio and on Stage

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Mark Jenkins is a writer for Melody Maker, Keyboard, and Music Week and in "iPad Music - In the Studio and on Stage" he explains the tablet's massive potential for music creation, explaining in detail how all iPad models can connect to musically oriented accessories and reviews the vast range of audio inputs, microphones, MIDI interfaces, music keyboards, drum controllers, and even DJ and karaoke equipment. He covers the musical potential of iPad-oriented music equipment from dozens of manufacturers, including Akai, Alesis, IK Multimedia, Korg, Line 6, M-Audio, Novation, Roland, TASCAM, and many others. Contents Include: Introduction & Notes 1. Computers for Music 2. Interfacing the iPad 3. Audio Interfaces & Microphones 4. MIDI Interfaces 5. Audio/MIDI interfaces 6. Keyboards, DJ Decks & Controllers 7. For The Guitarist 8. Stands, Cases & Accessories 9. Apps, WIST, & Android Conclusions Appendices 1-7: Technical Specs, Studio & Stage Setup, Credits. 2012